Son of War Measures

Freshly crowned heir-apparent Justin Trudeau scampers to DC to show his steadfast support for the Keystone XL pipeline.

He’s jumped on board King Harpo the clown’s draconian spy bill.

And now, he’s up to his arse in greasy back-room politicking, putting drama and a trophy candidate above any consideration for the residents of Eglinton—Lawrence.

This will be billed, no doubt, as ‘fresh and new, hope and change, whatever and else’ this coming election season.

One might remember the hope inspired by Obama, the one who would turn the page on the Bush years, the one cool with torture and drone killings and whistleblower persecuting and as of this writing seeking congressional approval for a global confrontation with Islamic whack-jobs while throwing firecrackers at Russia.

Ah yes, the hope and change we can count on…

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